Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Jane Austin and Set Grahame-Smith

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Jane Austin and Set Grahame-Smith

In the classic case of “what the film got wrong” falls the fantastically written “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”

In the film supporting the same name, there is included some half-baked conspiracy and extra storyline that was in no way necessary, other than to attempt to draw in anyone who had not read the book. Naturally, it spat in the faces of those who had read it.

P&P&Z (thank frak for abbreviations) takes the essential classic nature of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and weaves it into a period zombie setting. It maintains accuracy throughout in regards to both the original story and the consistency of early nineteenth century zombie lore. The original story is entirely intact and enhanced with minor additions such as the high class being trained in Japanese martial art and the lower class in Chinese, which, in fitting with the period, is entirely appropriate.

The way that P&P&Z is written gives very little sense of direct danger to those who live day in and out, in a world that has seen the dead risen. No boarded up houses and scrabbling around to simply survive. Society simply would never allow any of that sort of behaviour. The creatures intent on consumption of brains are simply seen as another part of every day life, and why should they not, with the correct training and preparations in place.

P&P&Z has a dry witt and a sharp tongue. I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates the works of Jane Austen, but always felt like something was missing. Who knew it would be the undead?


In Real Life by Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang

In Real Life by Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang

Admittedly, when I started to read ‘In Real Life’, I was unaware that there is a stigma around female gamers choosing to play male characters over one that matches their sex. Having matured my own gaming side with the likes of Laura Croft, Jill Valentine and Chen-Li, I always automatically selected female avatars and characters. To be honest, the term “girl-gamer”, I feel is a lot of crap, you are either a gamer or you are not. A person’s gender when it comes to immersing one’s self in a world made of pixels, means absolutely nothing, it all comes down to skill. I hope that the opening scenario of this story and others like it will help to dispel the need to create characters that are expected to be played and build up gamers confidence in playing as the character e they want to play.

Genders within video games aside, the authors depict very well the relationships between social gamers, MMORPGs specifically. The camaraderie between guild and party members extends beyond the generated quests and scenarios. Time spent with people, either text based, voice based or in person, is time spent getting to know them. Lives are shared with others that are part of the world that is an escape from the real one. It is easier to share things with people that you share this common bond and do not see in person as, to some extent, there is a certain degree of detachment. This story reveals what can happen when people have less than a generous amount of respect for the other players that they interact with. It also shows the potential benefits of forming online alliances.

In summation, ‘In Real Life’ illustrates that the pros and cons of real life relationships are just as real and influential in the cyber world and should never be taken lightly.

It is wonderfully drawn with colour schemes that represent the vividity of the main character’s feelings and moods, whether in the game or irl, which makes it very relatable and easy to submerge within.

A definite read for any younger “girl-gamers”.

I Need Proof!

I Need Proof!

It is that time of the process at which point I require your assistance.

The Weathered Kingdoms and its micro-stories need fresh eyes.

Anybody with a spare hour or so, in possession of a highlighter or a document editing program/application, just drop me a message if you are interested.

What needs to be checked for?

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Consistent tense (past/present)
  • Constant point of view (1st or 3rd person) (also that the narrative doesn’t jump from one person to another.)

What to remember whilst editing:

  • Vibrantly mark your changes.  No matter how many times or how diligently I check through, I always miss bits that are either in error or simply don’t make sense.  Therefore when it comes to comparing your copy to mine, being able to easily find your changes is invaluable.
  • Don’t be afraid to make as many changes as you think are necessary, no matter how insignifcant or pointless you may think they may be.  My spelling, grammar and autocorrect are frustratingly terrible and I want to make absolutely sure that it all makes perfect sense before I publish hard copies.
  • Feel free to contact me if you need context or there is something that makes no sense whatsoever.  My concentration and autocorrects are shockingly off-point.  I wrote the majority of it all on my apple tablet (wink) whilst at my breads and-butter jobs over the past three years, which gave me the means and motivation.  However, my autocorrect seems to think that it is right 100% of the time, even when putting capital letters on “in, it, is”…and my day jobs tend to require that I put interruptive customers before my stories.

So please, if you are able, I could really use your help.  You can either contact me through WordPress or my Facebook page:

Thank you in advance.

How Ray Fell


It was morning when Ray departed Hope on a diplomatic tour of the kingdoms.  Unlike most trips, his best friend would not be one of the party.
Moira was required to remain in the capital during the time that led up to her birthday that would bring her of age.  Many new responsibilities had yet to be learnt and implemented, as well as a city-wide festival to prepare for.  The extravagant merriment was, not only to celebrate the momentous occasion, but also the anniversary of the founding of the city.  A grand ball and banquet was to be held at the culmination of the festivities, one day after the Princess’s sixteenth birthday.
The event would take place three months after the departure date, the Prince promised to return before this time.
Having bid farewell to his parents and a few other dignitaries, Ray then approached Moira to bid her farewell.
She was speaking with her mother, her face turned away from him.
“I am away then,” he spoke, as he leant forwards to plant a friendly kiss on her cheek,
Hearing him address her, the young woman turned her head, just in time meet his lips with hers.
For a few shocked seconds, they were frozen, fused together at their mouths.
The moment passed, they both took a couple of uneasy steps back from one another.
Their companions could do nothing save watch on in amused silence as the young people strove to maintain their composure.
At length, Ray stammered, “till…,” he cleared his throat, “till we meet again.”  He bowed and, without hesitation, mounted his horse.
“Safe travels,” she called out to him as the party started to move off.
After a little way, Ray glanced back.
There she stood, gazing after him, a finger pressed lightly against her lips.
This image of her seared itself into his mind for the entirety of the journey.  Over the following months, many new thoughts began to wander through his mind.
The memory of her lips against his, the warmth of her embrace, the smoothness of her skin, the softness of her hair, the melody of her voice.  He began to feel butterflies at the mere thought of her smile or mention of her name.

The travellers returned to Hope, one day ahead of schedule, upon the eve before the ball.  With no official greeting party to meet them, Ray wasted no time in tracking down Moira’s location.
Knocking on the door to her private rooms, he could feel his heart beating in his throat, anticipation rising with every tap.
“Come in.”
She was facing away from the door, towards a mirror stood in front of a panoramic window, the setting sun bathing her in a warm orange glow.
She wore a dress made from many large and beautiful flowers, in which she twirled about herself, growing a few new ones as she moved them seamlessly around her body with smooth waves of her hand. A look of irritation merged with dissatisfaction flickered across her face.
“I’m back.”  Ray spoke from the door way.
She turned with a gasp and he felt his heart skip a beat as her face lit up to behold him.  She launched herself across the room, flinging her arms around him as they collided, “welcome back!”
Ray managed to maintain his balance.
“You have perfect timing,” she declared, grinning at him as she extracted herself from his arms which had automatically wrapped around her.
She gave a twirl, “this dress is for the extravaganza tomorrow, what do you think?”  She held out the skirts to show the variety of vibrant and fascinating flowers.
With an objective mind, the prince replied, “it’s very… extravagant, although, it is maybe a little over the top.  If I am entirely honest, I don’t think that it suits your personality very well.
The Princess nodded, a small sigh of relief escaped her lips, “thank goodness you said as much.  It was my mother’s suggestion, big and bright, however I just can’t seem to make it work.  I think I shall go with a much simpler design.”
Before his eyes, the blossoms reverted back into buds, the buds to stems and the stems to seeds which feel to floor where they disappeared into dust.
All that remained was a woman in her undergarments.  Feeling a sudden heat rise through him, colouring his cheeks, Ray found himself scrambling for something else to focus on.  His hand dug into his pocket as she covered herself with a robe, seemingly unaware of his discomfort, however with an almost unnoticeable rosy tint to her cheeks.
“Here,” he drew a small velvet pouch from his cloak.  “Happy Birthday.”  She took the gift from his outstretched hand, “but the celebration is not until tomorrow.”
“And your birthday is today.”  His reply came with cheekily raised eyebrow, “Whilst I was in the former East, at the glass forges, I was given one, very short lesson on how to make glass ornaments.  It’s far from perfect, however I think that you will like it.”
Opening the bag, Moira tipped into the palm of her hand, a small glass daisy on a slim silver chain.  “Oh,” her breath caught, “Ray, it is beautiful, I love it.  Thank you.”  She slipped her arms around him once again, “my favourite flower,” she murmured.
A few moments in to the thankful hug, she drew back with a quick movement.  “It actually gives me a wonderful idea.”  At this statement she began to usher him out of the room, “I have work to do,” she chuckled.
Having opened the door for him, she paused.  “Out of curiosity,” she asked, “what is your favourite flower?”
Ray thought for a moment, “I suppose, probably those sunflowers that are smaller than usual sunflowers.  I find them very cheerful.”
She nodded, a playful twinkle in her eye, “alright then.”
She shut the door behind him.
For a moment or so, Ray stood, simply staring at the door, grinning to himself.  In his mind there was only one thought.
“So this is love.”

The following day at the ball, the princess appeared wearing a simple yet elegant dress made entirely of daisies, with a necklace to match, and a single dwarf sunflower over her heart.

The Hunt


The snow is firm, however, the slightest pressure and it will crunch underfoot, if we let it.
Stalking our prey requires absolute silence so our movements are slow and calculated.  Any indication of our presence and the stag, now grazing not a few bounds from us, will bolt.
A few more paces and he will be ours.
In mere moments, my companions and I will have the beast surrounded.
The need for silence will no longer exist.
A twig snaps.
My group freezes, the stag looks up.
The dratted sound came not from one of my fellows, too far away from us it was.
Our target is spooked, it scouts the area, sniffing at the wind.
We will not be able to close the gap fast enough, he will head downwind before we would be able to get to him.
A cluster of leaves rustles.
The creature starts to move away, slowly, yet fully alert, ready to run at the first provocation.
We will lose him for sure.
I give the signal.
My brethren spring forward and the chase begins.
Of course, he would usually outpace us, however this woodland is too dense to allow him to gain any distance from us.  Traversing this terrain is like second nature to us.
More noises arise from behind us now.
The indelicate oaf or oafs, who ruined our element of surprise, are also in pursuit.
I am able now, to smell them.
The undeniable stench of human beings, the hunt just became a lot more dangerous.
I emit a low howl, sending a warning of the new danger.  The songs of my party start to echo around us.
We are twelve strong, it is likely that we outnumber them.  With any luck, our calls will scare them into turning back.
Sharp, whining whistles pierce the air.
At least two of my family cry out as they are struck by sharp sticks.
Our prey is long gone.
We have only two options before us; to flee or fight.  A choice that the two legged monsters have just made for us.
This we all know we’ll, our cries turn rumbling snarls in our throats as we turn to face our foes.
The clash, violent and bloody, is over in a matter of minutes, our claws and teeth, no match for their cold, shiny tools.
My pack are either dead or scattered.
Theirs is regrouping.
All save one.
The scent of cowardice splits off from the others when the fighting broke out.  It has retreated to, what he believes to be, out of harm’s way.
His blood is rich and well fed, perhaps even human royalty.
This is no time to be licking wounds.
Shame, anger and an aching hunger drive me towards where he is hid.
He stands next to a high-bread pony, a mere boy barely breaching his adolescence, clutching the lines that bind his equestrian companion in one hand.
In the other, a grand tool, clearly forged for a human of far superior skill and age than this pup.
A short way off there is a person, the pre-pubescent prince’s guard perhaps.
It takes no effort at all, injured as I am to slip past him unnoticed.
Waiting until I am within attacking distance, I let out a low growl, to give my victim fair warning as well as a sense of fear.
He cries out in alarm.
The horse bolts, yanking the lines from his grip as I push him to the ground.
The shiny tool is knocked away, out of reach.
He throws his arms up to protect himself so I sink my teeth into the one closest to me.
A sharp stick whistles over my back, grazing my fur as it passes.
Releasing the limp arm, I turn my attention to the guardian, however there is no need as I see two of my siblings pounce, taking him down.
Movement behind me indicates the child’s attempts to flee.
Turning swiftly, I clamp my jaws around his leg before he has the chance to struggle to his feet.
Fear glazes his eyes as he attempts to kick me away.
To no avail.
Ensuring that he is sufficiently wounded enough to prevent any further escape attempt, I release him, ready to finish him off.
There is a new smell.
I hesitate.
My blood freezes.
An apprehensive growl rises in my throats and my fur stands on end.
A figure approaches.
It’s scent is completely unrecognizable, yet so dense that it chokes my senses.
My vision starts to blur, however I can still make out that, whatever it is, it has the appearance of a human male.
It makes it’s way towards me, exuding an unseen pressure in my direction, so severe that I am forced down until my legs begin to buckle under me, pushing me backwards.
Within a few short moments, it stands between me and my long forgotten prey.
It speaks using a human voice and human words.  I can hear a second voice from it at a level that no human will ever hear.
The first of these voices calms the young prince, whereas the second voice hisses and scratches, knitting together dark and unnatural spells of magic.
It draws me, unwilling, into submission, ebbing away at my very life force.
My world is going dark, all sounds fade and as I take my last breaths, I can see this creature’s true form.
I am afraid.

Getting Started


Your Day

To begin at the beginning makes the most sense, so let me take you back over a decade. Back to when a expectant young woman finished training in media at college and university and set off into the wide world to work doing what she loved.

It started off rather well, due to being noticed for a talent in editing during her first (and only) work experience placement, she was offered a job as a production secretary for an online comedy clip show. The majority of the work was easy, straightforward and fun, it was only when it came to human interaction that she faltered. ”Never mind,” thought she, “it’s something I’ll get better at with the more experience that I gain.” Unfortunately such experience had an unfortunately short deadline, after the tenty-five episode contract was up, the two companies that funded the show decided that, due to many conflict…

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Published? Who me?


I am simply that.  Published.  Self-published.

Only digital for the time being, a hard copy to follow once I’ve finished polishing the edges and typing up the dear-god-why-did-I-start-this glossary.

If you happen to download a copy, please go to good reads and give me a quick review.  I’ve not had much by way of feedback and am honestly getting a tad curious as to what people think of it.