Starting at a Vague Beginning


They say that third time’s the charm, if this truly is the case then this will be the one that makes it.

That is to say the one that I don’t get bored of or give up on, as I may have done in the past, however it is my opinion that if I was so easily deterred, then so would my would be audience.

The past three and a half years I have been keeping a pretty steady diary, day to day, every day, and after a few years of writing everyday, I can safely say that it’s something that I enjoy doing and want to share.  Although, upon reflection, my personal life either seems way to boring or, as I said, personal, so I have a new thought.

A blog a day, to keep writers block at bay, or something to that effect.  I am resolved to write a new blog every day until I finish one of the three books that I’m working on, hopefully getting one or all published or at least out there for the world to criticise.

So keep you peepers peeled for poems, short stories, excerpts from my novels (as they come and go) and, on the days when I feel somewhat less inspired, random crap that wouldn’t fit in anywhere else.

Feel free to criticise or praise as you see fit, be kind or cruel as is warranted, but above all, be honest.  I know it may sting, but hopefully it will help to improve the quality of what you see here.

I hope that you enjoy, appreciate, respect, respond to or at least read what I can come up with.


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