Fort Z (working title) paragraph 1 (first draft)



Mostly dead.
If it wasn’t for the commotion coming from the car park, she would have assumed that there were no more than twenty or so people in the retail park that morning. Had it not been for the car alarm that caught the attention of the guy who was recommending to her a few of the local tourist spots, nobody in the shop would have survived. “LOCK THE DOOR,” he yelled, startling the seven other customers standing within the confines of the shop. He sprinted to the till, calling out, “the key for the door, where is it? Where is it?” The cashier, hands shaking, pulled out a ring of keys, flinching as he snatched them from her on his way past, heading for the door which slid open before he could reach it. Three teenagers, tripping over one another, came belting into the building, the third of which was streaming blood from his shoulder. “Get back, get away, I’m bit, I’ve been bitten, they’re coming, those sons of bitches are coming!”

Yes, it’s a zombie novel, yes, it’s my first attempt at horror, yes I would like feedback, the good and the bad, and yes, I need a good name, an actual title “Fort ………..” It either needs to be a hopeful name, like salvation or hope, or an end of the world name, like omega or apocalypse, I’m undecided as to which, so suggestions would be appreciated.


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