Dear diary,

woke up, did my exercise, had breakfast, watched tv with Z, did some training then some work, went shopping on my way home, spending nearly all my overtime in one go, don’t worry most of it was essential, and then settled down at my computer for the evening to watch more tv, do some knitting and try to figure out what to write for today’s blog.

My initial idea was based on something to do with the child protection training, but it all came out sounding either really confusing or depressing, which I’m not really feeling today.
My next idea was to say something about the fragility of the human condition, due to my friend’s broken toe and a collection of bruises, scrapes and scars that I generally accumulate, but it seemed somewhat self-indulgent.
I thought maybe I’d tell you something profound that I’d learnt from overspending money that I really should have saved for next month’s rent or decent presents at Christmas, but, as always, I never learnt that lesson, and probably never will.

In the end, I decided simply to ramble on for a bit, some non-important randomness to take away the inconsequential passing of time that was today.



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