35 Hours and Counting


Last night I did not go to bed. I sat watching tv shows on my computer whilst alternately playing minesweeper and knitting scarfs for peoples Christmas presents, at dawn, about 6:45 I left the house and climbed to the top of the multi-story car park that is about 50 metres from the front door.
At first it was a little bleak, the sky was a greyish blue colour and there was even a little frost on some of the roof-tops. Had I anything better to do at the time, I would have gone and done it, however, reluctant to worsen any potential headache with the droning buzz and eye drying brightness of my computer, which is all there is to do in my room these days, I stayed put.
Thank goodness I did

I need to start getting out more. I spend about 90%of my spare time in front of a screen (the other 10% is spent eating or exercising) and I’m missing things like this. I have a pile of unread books that reaches my thigh and at least three stories that won’t write themselves. For lunch, I packed some food into a box and went and ate in a local park with one of those books. Quite frankly, despite the bland and windy weather, it was definitely one of my better Sundays.
If I could leave you with just one thought, it’s my new one, don’t do anything, for some random amount of time a day sit down and do the bare minimum, think of something pleasant, read a book, write a letter to a friend, count the blades of grass tickling you toes, as long as you have bare feet, if not, you really need to change your socks.


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