Life is Relative


Time passes.

It’s one of those things like death and taxes, you can’t stop it, speed it up, slow it down or change it in any way.

It puzzles me that time feels as though it goes faster or slower than it actually does, I suppose that it’s more to do with the memories that are created and saved during that time.
Time associated with happy or busy memories appears to have gone quickly because you are more aware of the activities and actions that occur and less aware of time itself.
Whereas time that is associated with upsetting or boring memories feel as though they stretched on for a much longer time span than they, in reality, did.  It’s my opinion that this is purely because it’s this time and those memories that we wish would pass quickly, making us more aware of the time that we wish didn’t exist.

I heard the most profound thing from one of the children that I work with, an eight year old boy who, in response to my saying that I couldn’t wait for a certain up-coming event, told me not to wish my life away, that once that time is gone, it won’t be coming back, and during that wished away time, something fantastic had the potential of happening.  My respect for children is pretty high, but in this instance I could not help but stop what I was doing and thank him.

I’ve heard that time is relative, I find it entirely possible that some people experience one second of time the same as I experience half a second or two seconds, there would be no way to possibly measure this theory as it’s normal to each individual to know and feel time as they feel it.  I’m not saying this as clearly as I could, take colour as an example:
what colour I perceive as yellow, somebody else may see it as black, or blue or pink or any random colour, or even a slightly different shade of yellow, the way the brain translates visual information via electrical impulses could make it different for each person, some people may even see colours that are in a completely different spectrum, colours that others would never be able to see or learn the existence of.  I may sound like I’m rambling, but I know what I mean.
For an even simpler example:
In the movie “The Matrix” one of the characters speculates over what ‘Tasty Wheat’ actually tasted like, maybe oatmeal or tuna-fish, how did the machines know what it tasted like, or how to even register taste and flavour.

Information that’s sent to the brain is just that, information, that can be read and interpreted in millions of different ways.  So any part of the human experience; time, colour, sound, emotions, hot and cold…  Whilst there’s generally a pattern and recognisable response to most experiences, I personally see the possibility that each and every human being perceives everything with an immeasurable difference to every other human being.


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