Memories for the Race


There’s this day that I remember
I think it was in last December
Or maybe the year before
Honestly, I’m not entirely sure

Snow fell thick and lay on the ground
Though Christmas had yet to be found
I was walking from shop to shop
The snow, three days now, yet to stop

The air was warm but the flakes were chill
This peculiar mixture gave quite the thrill
I lifted my head and ploughed along
Whilst in my ear played a seasonal song

Weighed down with shopping on my hand
Thanking that that day was other than planned
Work is where I really should have been
But a way to get there remained unseen

My fingers tingly and my nose bright red
Not too long and I’ll be tucked in bed
Usually snow is something that does annoy
But in that time I felt filled with joy

This is one of my favourite memories
I’ve written it down so that you can see
Joy can be found in the most random place
The memory of which can keep you in the race


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