Loosing Myself


I have spent the last couple of months loosing bits of myself, weight to be specific. I have spent the entirety of my life being a fat person, not I-have-to-wheel-my-stomach-around-in-a-wheel-barrow fat, but large enough that it was an issue. Over the summer I’ve been able to loose well over a stone, without cutting out my beloved binge snacking, although through the process, my appetite has diminished, and so the majority of my snacking.
How has it happened? Well it started with a session of ott cardio workout at my friend’s house followed by an episode of the biggest looser. It made me realise just how awfully unhealthy I really was as fifteen minutes into the workout I was almost on my knees. The tv show gave me the inspiration that, if a group of very over weight individuals can loose that much weight, that healthily, that quickly then, I should be able to get down to a size 14 by Christmas, with some sort of plan at least.
However, it’s not as thought I’d not bothered trying to loose weight before, I’d tried pretty much every one that I could find, not to mention various diet pills and I’d even got my very own tred-mill, but never to any greater avail than half a stone which magically reappeared within a few weeks. I’d have to get my act together and figure out what worked for me. I scoured YouTube for hours before finding a series of videos that focused for five minutes on different parts of the body, which I started to do a different one each morning when I woke up, then two different ones every morning. For breakfast I have granola cereal, then something vague and small for lunch, then steamed green beans and a small garlic naan bread and several penguin bars or kit kats throughout the course of the day. It’s a bit peculiar, but it works, I lost the first stone in the first four weeks and and a few lbs a week since then, with any luck and hard work, I’ll be my ideal size of four stone less than I was by this time next year.
Wish me luck


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