Sleep? Yes Please


For as long as I can remember, I have had issues with sleep. I love it, however it does feel like a somewhat unrequited love.
It takes me between half an hour and four hours to get off to sleep, usually the latter, which tends to make the time that I do spend asleep restless and permanently tired during the day. I can’t take sleeping tablets, any that I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a fair few, send me off to sleep more or less without a hitch, however they don’t let me wake up the following morning, regardless of the volume and number of alarms that I set myself.
If this wasn’t enough to incite insomnia, I’ve recently discovered that I do other activities in my unconscious state. Talking is one of the things I do, but as far as I’m aware that only tends to happen when there are other people, usually family members or very close friends, around. I’ve begun to discover that my dreams overlap into my waking state, say for example; I dream that someone’s knocking at the front door, but it won’t be until I’ve made my way out of bed, turned on the light, put on my glasses and made it halfway down the stairs that I realise that the person at the door only existed in my dream, another usual one is that I’ll get up and search for my pet spider for a few minutes before I realise that I have no pets and I’m not even really that keen on spiders.
It does confuse me on occasion, but it also tends to wind up with me putting my glasses back in some really random place, usually the bin, which I don’t remember upon waking the next day, and you try searching for glasses when you’re as far sighted as I am.
The worst time is one that I only have knowledge of because of my sister. We were on holiday and having to share a bed, apparently at some point during the night, I said, “ok, ready? Jump on three, two, one…” And then I actually started bouncing on the bed which I suppose was amusing however the collection of nights where I would just stand up, stare at the bed for a few minutes then get in the wrong end, clearly deciding that’s wrong, and scurrying back to the right end, sounds rather creepy, although apparently I used to do the same to babysitters when I was little, just get out of bed, walk down stairs, stand, unresponsive, at the living room door staring at them for a few minutes and then going back to bed. Nothing really compared to the time I slept-walked next door and asked to use the toilet.
In any case, my sleep pattern can be rather turbulent and there is never a day when you ask me how I am and I will reply with anything other than, “tired.”
Tonight I plan an experiment, my friend recommended that eating a kiwi before bed will help to shut off my brain and help me get to restful sleep.
Wish me luck, I’ll let you know if it helps.


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