Yesterday was the first day that I’ve missed a post so I’ll have to do two today. I don’t usually get out of bed until gone ten however last night I stayed at my friend’s house, and she has an almost-3 year old… Although, and please excuse the grossness of this next part, I hadn’t really slept much last night in any case as at about 5am my stomach suddenly turned on me and I was rather violently sick with very little warning. This may not seem so peculiar, especially as the friend I’m staying with a a similar thing yesterday only without actually throwing up, but the last time that I was sick, that wasn’t hangover induced, was when I was at least 15, almost 10 years ago. Therefore I find myself somewhat worried as to what bug or virus or whatever could have that dramatic effect on me in such a short period of time. I’m going to have to take time off of work as I work with children and the risk of infecting them is too great. Actually now I think of it this could be a good thing as now I can go home and sleep, beautiful, blissful sleep, which I haven’t had more than ten hours worth of since Monday.
Well as enlightening as this post has been, I think I’ll end it here and just try to enjoy the first sick day I’ve had since secondary school.


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