I Dream of Zombies (warning: gore)


Being at the hot, sunny, tropical beach resort had been a holiday of a life time, especially the moment when at some point, rather unnoticed, zombies started to show up here and there. At first? It was easy to avoid them, they were slow and generally too busy eating the locals to stop us having a good time. It was only when one turned up in my room that things took a turn. The more they fed the faster and stronger they became and it wasn’t long before the group of people I was there with we’re either dead or turned. Finding myself on my own was harrowing, never before had this situation been so vivid and actively aggressive, usually I’d find some place to hide or simply run to a part of my head where people weren’t being eaten but that didn’t appear to be the case. Weapons weren’t easy to come across, so when I found a couple of very large, sharp pairs of scissors, I held onto them for dear life. In between one place and another I tripped and badly injured my knee, it was a mess and a large black scab quickly formed over most of the surface making it incredibly difficult to run, jump or climb.
I’d been stuck in the beach for what seemed like hours when I spotted some survivors inside the hotel so I headed after them. I found them, either dead or turned, inside a room that had been locked from the outside. I entered the room because I thought one of them was still alive but before I could get to them, one of the bodies that I’d thought was dead, pulled itself up and clamped its teeth into my knee. Fortunately, the large, very painful scab was all that it got, and that came away giving me a chance to kick it in the head and limp back out to the beach. So far the zombies seemed to have trouble walking on the sand so they didn’t seem too bothered with trying to get to me, however I was sitting on the sand to catch my breath when one stumbles over. I scramble to my feet just in time for her to get her hands on me. I’m able to push her back just enough to wedge the larger of the pairs of scissors into the side of head, I feel the bone crunch and the blood ooze stickily onto my hand but still she’s still trying to bite. It takes three more stomach churning stabs to finally stop her and by now the scissors are so deeply imbedded in her skull that I don’t even try to pull them out again. It takes me quite a while to get over what I’ve just done, I’ve never done anything this violent, especially so vividly, not even in self-defence, I vaguely remember throwing up.
It’s at this point men in full riot gear show up, I’m not sure whether they’re military or what, but the usher me towards a smaller hotel further down the beach. There are a few survivors at this place and we’re all put into separate rooms for our own safety, it’s only after they lock us is the rooms that the screaming starts again and I see through the dark that there are bodies in my room just waiting to turn. Before anything happens however, a couple of the other survivors crash through my window having scaled down from a higher floor. Two men, both older, mid-sixties at least buy healthy, I think they’re famous actors but I can’t recall which. The three of us bust out of my room, knocking down one armed man as we make a break for a window which overlooks the building’s entrance. We fly through the wooden slatted shutters, I roll as I hit the ground, I look for the other two but fail to find them and am on my feet just about to run when…
My phone rings and I wake up.
In all my years of peculiar dreaming, several which include zombies, I have never done anything to protect myself more than locking or baring a door. Upon waking, what I did with those scissors to that zombie girl, makes me feel sick, what happened was so vivid and I saw, smelt and felt all of it.
I’m genuinely unsure what to make of it, what it means in the grand scheme of dreams, because I’m not sure that there’s a dream guide that can tell you the significance of caving in a zombie’s head with a pair of scissors.
Any thoughts?


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