Woe is Me

CONNECT! The Internet connection in my house is something of a joke. I have no tv licence, as each separate room needs one and I don’t have a spare hundred and whatever pounds just lying around, as a result I watch all my programmes online. Apparently the amount of tv that I watch however, is too much, I’ll be the first to admit that I use up a lot of bandwidth just so I don’t miss out on doctor who, downton abbey or Russel Howard. The past month, the Internet has more or less ground to a halt, the only websites that work are the ones that contain little or no information, and you can forget about video streaming, even minute long videos on YouTube take at least twenty minutes to load and play. Frustrating doesn’t quite cover it, and it now turns out that other people are experiencing the same problem, but the fact that the main problem is video streaming means that I’m not the only person in the streaming boat. It gets me to wondering how much of our usage is going where, since discovering the problem and consequently figuring out what the main cause of the problem is, I’ve cut down, I’ve had to, it genuinely impossible to watch anything at the moment. But it doesn’t seem to have helped in the slightest, in fact it feels like it’s gotten worse.
Oh what will I do?
How will I spend my spare time?
How will I cope without knowing, “what happens next?” to my favourite characters and story lines?
Woe is me…


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