It’s All in the Presentation

Being that it is now two months until Christmas, I may have gone a little ott on starting to get ready. I can’t really give anything away, but the general punch line is that I spend a long, long time on the presentation of certain presents that will barely be seen let alone admired before they are torn apart to get at what’s inside. I carry on regardless, knowing that, if the recipient doesn’t appreciate it, at least I will for the twenty four days that it is say under my tree. My real countdown is to December the first, as it is the first day that I allow myself to listen to Christmas music, decorate my room and really start to worry about what to get for people that I haven’t found anything for in the past few months of wandering the shops and eBay. C’est la vie I suppose, just 60 days left now to worry about any of it.
And yet I still can’t wait.


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