Time For Something Gross


You know what’s not fun? Having an ingrown toenail on your big toe. Four weeks ago I went to the doctor about it, she gave me some antibiotics and after a week there was no longer an infection but the nail was still working its way into my toe, which, I’ll admit, is quite painful. I went back and this time she told me that I’d have to go into the local hospital to get it sorted out, which could take a few weeks. It’s been almost a month and not only has the infection returned with a vengeance, but the stuff that’s leaking out of it is yellow/white and stinks to high heaven. All I can do is wait as I watch my toe balloon to twice it’s size, make it ridiculously uncomfortable to sleep or walk on and stick to either socks or plasters, or any bits of fluff that happen to touch it.
Please forgive the genuinely gross nature of this blog but I needed to get this out there, and to write something, having forgotten again yesterday. Just looking for the strength not to soak my toe in germolene (antiseptic cream with local anaesthetic) and cut the thing out myself. Really don’t want to do that.


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