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Just a heads up that if you weren’t already well aware of the impending holiday taking place in less than two months time, they’ve started to play Christmas music in the shops. Well in Boots at any rate. I asked one of the guys in the pharmacy and he told me they put the cd in on Tuesday. That wasn’t even November yet! One of my main rules when it comes to Christmas is that any related music must be kept within the month that hosts the holiday. This is purely because it makes it more special, to me at any rate, it’s based on the same idea as having Christmas or a birthday every day or week, it simply detracts from the uniqueness of the celebration, rendering it just as mundane as regular life. The same can be true of the music that accompanies it, too much of it can quickly make you fed up of it, and to be fair when it comes down to it, there aren’t many more than fifty or so good Christmas songs and the repetition of those can cause a certain strain of resentment.
The only place I can allow it, is rehearsals, when time is needed to practice and perfect with plenty of time to allow for changes, corrections and to learn it in the first place.
So upon the first of December I shall be joining in, not only with decorations and cards, but with haunting down the street with a merry tune in my ear and a seasonal feeling spreading to my heart.
But until then, please keep it usual.


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