The Waiting Pain


If you frequent my page you may be aware of the fact that I have an ingrown toenail. To say that it’s incredibly painful would be an understatement, the only thing that has kept me from breaking down over it was the fact that my doctor told me that my appointment to sort it out at the hospital would be within the following few weeks. Four weeks later and I receive a call from a somewhat distant medical centre, not the one I was expecting, telling me that an appointment for an assessment has been booked for 21st January.
I almost cried.
It’s painful to walk, even more so to climb stairs and hills, my foot has been seizing up because of the way I’ve been walking to compensate, my socks constantly stick to it and I’m going through plasters at a rate of knots, seriously, buy stock!
Give me a few weeks and I’ll soak it in germolene (local anaesthetic) and pull the bugger off myself.


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