Toe be honest


I’m not looking forward to 4th of February at all, it’s the day that has, finally, been booked to have an operation on my toenail which, believe it or not, is still ingrown and incredibly painful. However upon hearing what the operation consists of and what the healing period is going to be like, I’m almost tempted to just put up with the pain.
They start with injecting local anaesthetic into my toe and tying a tourniquet around it, then cutting out the sides of the nail and cauterising (burning) the nail bed so it doesn’t grow back in that way. There’s no way I’ll be able to support myself without causing damage or considerable amounts of pain for the following few days during which I’m not really allowed to move much and have to keep the foot elevated as much as possible. Following this, I won’t be working or wearing shoes for at least a fortnight so that’ll be two weeks of sitting on my arse feeling bored as hell, and then another couple until it’s properly healed.
Like I said, it’s tempting to just grimace and bare it, despite the fact that given too long I’m afraid I may actually cripple my right foot due to the way I’m walking in it to compensate for the pain.
Stupid, fragile human condition, don’t even get me started on my almost broken wrist and probably fractured ankle, both it which are both more or less year old injuries and yet both continue to give me grief.
I’m starting to think that one day I’ll simply fall apart.


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