Comic Novels


Sat in this evening, with a heavy chesty cough and exhausted limbs, watching the film based on the works of Frank Miller; “The Spirit”. One thing I’ve always wished is that I was allowed to read “real” comic books growing up, and as much as I loved Denis the menace, he was no superhero. Granted, it is more the anti-hero image that tends to get the better storyline, but I had so little idea of any of the beauty of the drawn word as opposed to the the written one. I always had a thing for superhero movies, it was through the “behind the scenes” stuff on DVDs that I began to realise the depth from which these characters and narratives were taken.
After watching the movie I turn to the special features, noticing particularly a section called Miller on Miller, a ten minute or so documentary that is Frank Miller talking talking about his history, his personal journey as well as the evolution of comic books and the influence of Will Eisner, his mentor.
Through the entire mini-doc there was never the mention of the arrival of the graphic novel, or the process that took this storyboarded form of storytelling from magazine to book. I have therefore decided to look into it. A mini-project for myself, how one became or rather inspired the other and the impact both have on the stories that we whiteness today.


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