Lights Out

Arrived home after work this evening to discover that the house had no electricity, neither did the surrounding houses or street lights. Outside I could see the flashing lights from an electrical maintenance van, so I went to investigate. The bloke told me what had happened but my limited knowledge of the workings of a towns power grid meant that all I understood was, “we made a mess a few hours ago, it’ll be sorted in the next half hour or so.” I sat in the dark with a few candles that I keep around for emergencies, writing my Christmas cards which, generally speaking, I normally finish and post by the first, however with this year being the steaming pile of banthar doo-doo that it it is, I’ve been somewhat preoccupied. About half an hour after I’d finished all of my Christmas cards, the lights came back on and I set up my computer to watch a few bits and check my emails.
Less than five minutes later the power had disappeared again. I would have been more annoyed were it not for the humorous noises coming from the bathroom as the electric shower lost power and the lights went out. Another twenty or so minutes later life returned, this time I waited a bit before re-setting my alarm clock and turning on the computer, that poor thing has enough problems as it is without suddenly loosing power twice in one night.
It is now five (or so) hours later and I’m just going to bed, not without being over anxious about the fact that the van and men are still out there, working away. I always set the alarm on my phone as insurance that I eventually get up in the mornings, however tonight it’ll be back up in case the power goes out and the wonders that are my memory-less digital clock, resets itself and cancels may alarm, not to mention un-tuning my radio preferences.


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