It’s Been A While


And so it has, five months and six days to be precise, considering I set out to do a blog a day, it started off really well and then just sort of trailed off.

It’s not as though I’ve run out of interesting things to say, it just appears that I have entered a particularly lazy, hapless state of being, in which I spend my time primarily playing video games whilst recording my reactions and posting these incredibly exciting videos up on youtube, either that or attempting to teach myself how to play the guitar (it’s going beyond slowly).

I continue to find myself somewhat directionless in terms of life, I love my job, but it is gradually becoming a less and less viable means of supporting myself, I keep searching and applying but my hours are currently limited as are the responses I have thus far received, those of them who actually bothered getting in touch at all.

I have ideas, plenty of those, but a minimal percentage of effort to put into doing anything about them.  My jewelry making ground to a halt with the realization that I didn’t enjoy doing it and nobody really wanted to buy any of the things I made, the same was true of my knitting, and pretty much anything else that flittered across my mind.

The only things that I’ve actually kept at are my photography and my video making, so much so that when I whip out my camera, everybody around me groans and warns everybody else to behave, they’re about to wind up on youtube.  Which, aside from being somewhat patronizing in a largely trivial manner, still does not deter me.  I spent four years studying this crap, I will make vague use of it.

So I’ve added a new page to this blog, it’s a page of people photos.  I’ve never really been a people watcher but I was up in London watching some street performers at Covent Gardens, when I started to see the faces watching, the way people interacted with one another, completely unhindered by social convention or influenced by what the general populous might indicate.  The pictures I have taken capture pure and candid moments of people’s random lives, which, I can’t help but think of as beautiful.


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