3 am inspires me apparently


Again, it has been a while, but as I sit here, four hours into what seems a never ending coach journey from London Victoria to Inverness, I find myself somewhat inspired.
2:30 am and the entire coach, at least 90% of which I’m convinced it either asleep or dozing, is woken by a loud announcement that we’re pulling into a service station for a break during which the sixty or so of us have fifteen minutes to grab drinks, use the toilet or buy sleeping tablets, as, at this point, it’s the only way any of us are going to be able to even think about getting some more shut eye. A bathroom break, hot chocolate, burnt tongue, and a vlog later and we’re on the road again.
So far the only part of the journey for which I have been cogent for, was the first twenty minutes whilst we made our way from central London, heading north. I find myself cursed with having a need to know my general whereabouts which usually involves having my eyes open and my brain functioning at at least 50% of its usual speed. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I haven’t decided which yet, I made the effort not to go to bed last night in he hopes that I could sleep on the coach, therefore it was not long before I succumbed to a drowsy half-sleep during which I was constantly tricked into believing I had actually slept and he sun was rising due to the ambient lighting coming from the centre aisle.
Finding myself having passed Birmingham and on my way towards Liverpool was somewhat disorienting, enhance by the fact that I have never made a journey of this distance on my own before. I have to admit that I was, and still am, shocked as to the amount of light pollution that was inescapably definitively hanging in the sky over what was probably Crewe, but don’t quote me on that. The sky was a deep orange spotted with white in a few places most likely due to construction lighting. The heavily overcast sky gave the image a rather ominous presence and I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous as my over active and paranoid imagination know that street lights aren’t the only thing that can light up the night’s sky like that.
In any case, I digress, my burnt tongue is sore, I am quite grouchy and, although I know I am highly unlikely to have any success, I now return to attempting to sleep.


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