Monthly Archives: September 2013

I Want To Be Cold


Now this is something that we can probably all can agree on, this summer has been endlessly hot and sunny.  Many people, I am sure, have enjoyed this weather, taking many sick days to bathe in the highly un-British sun.  I have enjoyed a day or two, here and there, I even managed to get a tan, as opposed to my usual tomato red burn.  However, after the first few weeks, it started to become unbearable, like being in a sauna with the door locked from the outside, at first it feels good and as though it’s beneficial, but soon you start to dehydrate, shrivel up and pass out, which I dare say has actually happened to more than a few people.

What I long for now, a day in which I can wear a jumper, proper shoes that cover all of my feet, trousers that go past my ankles and maybe even a jacket.  Heck I even wish I were cold enough to wear my woollies, my blue bobbly hat, my soft green gloves, my warm striped scarf.  I can’t wait for the first frost to nip my nose, for my feet to slip on the ice, for the goosebumps to warn me what’s outside.  

To wake on that first morning and find a thin veil of mist clinging close to the ground will bring to me pure joy.  The excuse to snuggle up in blankets with either a gaming controller or one for the tele with a hot drink or cup-a-soup to keep hands warm.

Frost, mist, snow, rain, wind… I want it all. 

By November, I am sure that I’ll be wanting the rays of the extreme summer sun back, but for now, I want to be cold.