Execution by NoNameIsWorkin – Review

To fully appreciate Execution, at the time that this review is being written, you have to be able to brace yourself against the whiplash that comes from the odd jump from past to present tense or first to third person, often within the same sentence.

It is a little jarring to read first, simply due to the unproof-read nature of it, all of the grammar, tenses and perspectives are no worse than any early draft. However, once you relax into it, there is a well written story to be found.

It is well paced and eventful enough to keep the reader wondering and interested in what is going on. The introduction of Islam as a coping mechanism feels a little shoe-horned in, however with a little work it will fit in very well with the storyline.

Admittedly, I had a few unanswered questions once reaching the end, although not enough to diminish the overall story and the effect that it had. I enjoyed reading Execution and would recommend it to anyone with a taste for a twisted thriller with great potential.

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