Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton – Review

I accidentally tricked myself into buying The Rebel of the Sands.

One day whilst browsing through Wattpad, I came across this story. I somehow failed to notice the fact that it said in ‘excerpt’ in the title and read all fourteen chapters in one afternoon. When I reached the end of what was available, I was hooked, although honestly speaking I had been caught before the first paragraph was over. I went straight to amazon and bought the paperback copy. It turns out the the ‘excerpt’ was less of a sampling and closer to being about three fifths of the total book.

The main characters are noted to been in their late teens, despite that, the narrative does not read as much like young adult fiction as I was afraid that it might given the circle on the front cover that compares the protagonist to other strong, mainstream, female roles. It maintains a good balance between the storyline and the love interest instead of relying on one to carry the other.

The descriptions are simple yet more than enough to paint a vivid picture of what the author wants the reader to see. A lot of rich backstory is woven into the story, there is plenty that should be remembered for reference further on. At times those stories feel a little shoe horned in, however they work within the context of the story.

Unlike most young adult fiction, it has, so far, avoided the stereotypical love triangle which makes a pleasant change. It is well paced and over far too quickly.

I would recommend it to anyone who loves a rich, colourful adventure with a flare for seamlessly mixing the supernatural elements naturally into familiar settings and scenarios, with a strong, interesting protagonist whose story is just beginning.

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