The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway – Review Revisited

Well it took almost two months of persistence and a lot of moaning to my friends how irritating it was to get through, yet I finally finished The Gone-Away World.

Was it worth it? Simple answer; yes. More in depth answer; as long as you are looking to have your head completely screwed with.

I previously stated that there was an overbearing abundance of back-story and over written conversations that only existed to sound clever.

I retract my sentiments about the back-story. Despite there being a lot of it, and by a lot I mean nearly three hundred pages of it, they were relevant. The clever conversations, not so much, to the extent that I was able to skim-read the majority of it without feeling as though I had missed anything. The depth of the protagonist’s life story becomes an integral plot point. As the story progresses the confusion, which clouds several chapters, exposes itself to reveal a storyline which turns absolutely everything that develops over two-thirds of the book on its head.

This story requires a warning of some description, that will stop any readers that were drawn in for the high-octane, dystopian future from giving up before they reach the point of the story.

Brilliant yet overwritten.

Confusing with a high impact.

It is so incredibly frustrating that all of compelling storyline does not begin to happen until so far in. If you have the patience to wade through all of the overly intellectual, unnecessary conversations and the longest back-story that you are ever likely to come across, then you will be rewarded with an intense and thought-provoking narrative that will leave you questioning your own existence.

I would recommend The Gone-Away World to anyone with a love for smart conversations, dystopian futures and a lot of patience.

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