The Girl Who Walked On Air by Emma Carroll – Review

There are many children who dream of running away to join the circus. Then there are those who were simply left there.

Imagine being right where you belonged, yet not being allowed to prove the talent that you know you posses because no one will hear you out. All Louie knows is that her mother left her with a circus owner who seems determined to hide her away from the crowds and the spotlight.

The idea that there is a more severe reason behind her concealment is revealed a steady pace that builds into the exciting adventure that has the young woman discovering the true price behind the show stoppers that she has had her heart set on.

This is a story that explores the usual plot that the world that we wish we were a part of, is never what we expected and the cost of being drawn onto the green grass of the other side.

Whilst the story itself is charmingly heartwarming, is does require that you use you own imagination in a few circumstances. Firstly, the age of the protagonist is never revealed other than the fact that she is too young to be considered old enough to perform in a circus. The second issue is that, unless you take the time to do a bit of research, there is no clear definition as to what year the narrative is happening.

I would recommend The Girl Who Walked On Air to any young dream chasers in their preteen years who want to discover what lies beneath the sequins.


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