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Published? Who me?


I am simply that.  Published.  Self-published.

Only digital for the time being, a hard copy to follow once I’ve finished polishing the edges and typing up the dear-god-why-did-I-start-this glossary.

If you happen to download a copy, please go to good reads and give me a quick review.  I’ve not had much by way of feedback and am honestly getting a tad curious as to what people think of it.



Can you describe them?


One of the key elements to my writing style for The Weathered Kingdoms, is the fact that I don’t include a lot of descriptions.  Bare minimum, in fact.  I have chosen to do this as I wish for my readers to create their own, very personal images of the characters and locations.  

That being said, I have decided to include descriptions of one physical attribute of each of the main characters, to lend depth.  These are few examples of what I’m including;

Proof Readers Please


I have finished the writing and typing up of The Weathered Kingdoms.

Three years of writing and a few weeks of typing have brought me the accomplishment of 15500 words over 28 basically formatted a4 pages.  And now it need to make sure that it actually makes sense.

During the typing process I changed a few names which need to be checked for continuity.  My grammar is also quite poor, especially, I believe, my use of apostrophes when used to identify a possession.  Not to mention the fact that I typed the whole thing out using an iPad and, whilst I tried to catch every auto correct that tried to insert itself, I’m fairly certain a few remain.

I feel the need to point out that, despite the fact that it is a story aimed at children, it is very wordy.  I will not be editing this issue.  Simply put, this is how I write.  When I was a child, I would read books that were more advanced that my own vocabulary because of the superior story quality.  If there was a word that I did not understand, I would learn it, and in doing so, expand my knowledge of the English language.  This is a quality that I am aiming to inspire in my younger readers.  I will include a glossary at the end of the book and also on this site (to save the digital readers the hassle).

If there is anyone out there that is interested in doing a bit of proof reading for this story, leave a comment on this page or message me via my Facebook page.



Concept Art


Otherwise known as proof as to why I will not be the one to illustrate my story.

Flames of white whipped the fire into a frenzy, the flames rose so hush as to scorch the eaves of the ceiling, an overwhelming scent of sulfur, of rotten eggs, caused each member to the assembled to reel away from the hearth.
Using her disguised form to her advantage, she flew around her to create an enchanted circle to contain the magic, then landed on the finger that had been extended towards her, as the queen had noticed the beautiful dragonfly encircling her.

From then moment the stone had come into contact with that woman, the black crow stirred.  Through every movement it had stayed in place, stuck fast to the young seer’s shoulder.
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The Weathered Kingdoms (working title)


The kingdoms are in chaos.  Their only hope is the marriage of the Royal families.

The magical princess and her beloved prince have a chance to save their homelands, yet on the eve of their wedding they are torn apart.

Now the prince must discover a way to return his princess’s lost soul before their people decend into civil war.  
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I’ve Written A Book


So I’ve finally actually finished a book.

I’ve been trying to do so for the past seven years.

Story after story has been started, very few in vain, however none that have, so far, reached completion.

Although, admittedly, this is a short(ish) children’s story, however it has taken me two years to get to this point.  I started it as a way to pass the time when I arrived early for my job at an after-school club, hence the genre, and have just been doing bits here and there ever since.  I even kept it almost a secret, by omission, simply because I find that the more I talk about what I’m writing, the more imaginary pressure I feel and the less motivated I would be to actually write.  Keeping it to myself gave me the freedom to write whatever, whenever and wherever I wanted, with no thoughts about having to get a certain amount done, dreading the ever present, “so how’s your story coming?”

My efforts now will be focused on getting this completed story published.  Once typed up, creating a second draft, I will be distributing it a few people who will proof read it, helping me to create a third draft.
This version of the story will then be made available to the world using amazon’s self-publishing process.
If the story is well accepted and I can save up some money from the sales, I will then publish paper copies.  The final goal is to publish a fully illustrated copy.

For the illustrations, I will be asking the talented people of the internet to submit any artwork they would like, to be considered to be added to the published edition as well as the digital.

This, of course, all hangs on how well it is received.  If even a small handful of people enjoy it, I will be happy.

I will be documenting my progress via this blog as well as a new YouTube account

Wish me luck.
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Story Telling


In this day and age, a time when our lives are on the verge of being entirely digital, people take time and energy to ostracise those of us who watch tv shows or movies instead of getting into the written word, I’ve noticed that this extends into video-gaming.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to dispute the articulate, in-depth nature of a good novel, but the only difference that I see between stories on page and stories on screen, is the amount of money and man-power that goes into either.

I love nothing more than a good story, whether it’s written, acted out or played in a CGI manner.  My experience thus far, tells me that the latter is the most in-depth way of appreciating a story, not only do most video games have genuinely mesmerising story-lines, but the effort and time that you personally put into uncovering the story and working your way through the game, whether that’s fighting or solving puzzles or forming alliances, gives you your own input into the story, takes you into the events on a personal level that no book or show are ever likely to give you.

When stories cross from one media to another; such as Lord of the Rings, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead… there are inevitably going to be numerous and, some cases, extreme differences.  Lots of people misunderstand this as certain things getting lost in translation, but how pointless would it be to spend millions upon millions of pounds/dollars on a movie that is an exact retelling of something that is already established and well known.  Surely the real idea would be put a new spin or perspective on something that it’s authors wish to share with the world.

Baring this in mind, I do not understand why there are so many remakes of films, and I’m not just talking about new versions of old movies, but american versions of films you would otherwise have to watch with subtitles.  Are people really that lazy.  There are some genuinely classic films that were made in various countries around the world, that had absolutely nothing wrong with them, they were brilliant.  There was one that really gets to me; the rehash of Let the Right One In, a Swedish film that was re-filmed as Let Me In, the scripts are identical, as are the shots, the action sequences and the characters, why create something that is more or less identical, just a different nationality?  Other examples are Spanish film Rec turned into Quarantine, Swedish book turned film Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, even English film Death at a Funeral which was redone three years later with an American, urban spin put on it, a film which I frankly refuse to watch.

In any case, I digress.  So many people are bothered with how we discover amazing stories and narrative, that they can miss something great simply because they don’t tend to read, or are offended by the idea of “dumbing down” and watching it on a screen.  It is a great shame.

I embrace all forms of storytelling, page or screen, or even on stage, if you have the funds to afford it, and I encourage you to embrace various medias, because you never know,
you might be missing something great.