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Story Telling


In this day and age, a time when our lives are on the verge of being entirely digital, people take time and energy to ostracise those of us who watch tv shows or movies instead of getting into the written word, I’ve noticed that this extends into video-gaming.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to dispute the articulate, in-depth nature of a good novel, but the only difference that I see between stories on page and stories on screen, is the amount of money and man-power that goes into either.

I love nothing more than a good story, whether it’s written, acted out or played in a CGI manner.  My experience thus far, tells me that the latter is the most in-depth way of appreciating a story, not only do most video games have genuinely mesmerising story-lines, but the effort and time that you personally put into uncovering the story and working your way through the game, whether that’s fighting or solving puzzles or forming alliances, gives you your own input into the story, takes you into the events on a personal level that no book or show are ever likely to give you.

When stories cross from one media to another; such as Lord of the Rings, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead… there are inevitably going to be numerous and, some cases, extreme differences.  Lots of people misunderstand this as certain things getting lost in translation, but how pointless would it be to spend millions upon millions of pounds/dollars on a movie that is an exact retelling of something that is already established and well known.  Surely the real idea would be put a new spin or perspective on something that it’s authors wish to share with the world.

Baring this in mind, I do not understand why there are so many remakes of films, and I’m not just talking about new versions of old movies, but american versions of films you would otherwise have to watch with subtitles.  Are people really that lazy.  There are some genuinely classic films that were made in various countries around the world, that had absolutely nothing wrong with them, they were brilliant.  There was one that really gets to me; the rehash of Let the Right One In, a Swedish film that was re-filmed as Let Me In, the scripts are identical, as are the shots, the action sequences and the characters, why create something that is more or less identical, just a different nationality?  Other examples are Spanish film Rec turned into Quarantine, Swedish book turned film Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, even English film Death at a Funeral which was redone three years later with an American, urban spin put on it, a film which I frankly refuse to watch.

In any case, I digress.  So many people are bothered with how we discover amazing stories and narrative, that they can miss something great simply because they don’t tend to read, or are offended by the idea of “dumbing down” and watching it on a screen.  It is a great shame.

I embrace all forms of storytelling, page or screen, or even on stage, if you have the funds to afford it, and I encourage you to embrace various medias, because you never know,
you might be missing something great.